Butane Lighter Help

Here are some steps to help troubleshoot your butane torch lighter! 

Note: the adjustment dial is a ring around the filling nozzle, not the "+" screw!


Add Fuel to the Lighter

  1. Turn the lighter upside down
  2. Bleed excess air/propellant – press a small pointy screwdriver or paperclip against the nozzle to release air. BE CAREFUL AND GO SLOWLY! If you already added butane some liquid may spray out
  3. Press the tip of the butane can firmly against the nozzle for 1 second
  4. Repeat 2-3 times or until full
  5. Let sit or hold in your hand for a few minutes so the fuel can warm up!


Adjust the Flame Size

  1. Use a small flat screwdriver to turn the +/- dial clockwise until it's closed. 
  2. Turn the dial one half rotation counterclockwise (toward the "+") and press the button. 
  3. If no gas comes out, continue turning one half rotation at a time until pressing the button releases fuel.
  4. When you get to the point where gas keeps coming out after you release the button close the valve slightly. It should stop when the button is released.
  5. At this point the lighter should ignite when the button is pressed!  


If you hear gas coming out when you press the button but it doesn't light:

Start by decreasing the flame size, and bleed out any excess air as explained above. If the lighter is empty after these steps you'll need to add more fuel.




If you don't hear gas coming out when you press the button:

You probably need to open the valve more – follow steps 1-5 of "Adjust the Flame Size." If there still isn't anything coming out you need to add more butane!